Linux info, commands, how to's etc, ranging from the basic and on to the.. slightly less basic

First of all, when installing a new server, you should add a new user with root privileges rather than use the Root account itself. Whilst logged on with your Root account, type adduser newusername and submit. Congratulations, you have just added a new user! Next, set the password for this user. Enter passwd usernameyouwanttochange passwordyouwantotuse and submit. yay, password changed. Also, at this point it woulkd be best to change your Root password to something super secure Just enter passwd passwordyouwanttouse and submit.

Next, you're going to want to grant your new account Sudo access, so that it can actually do some shit. You will need to edit the Sudoers file, depending on your distro, this is probably done with Vi. Just type in visudo and submit, which will then give you an exciting looking screen: Scroll down to the section that says #User privilege specification. Where it says Root ALL=(ALL) ALL, and a line exactly the same under it, replacing ROOT with the username you just created. Save and exit by pressing esc, then :wq and enter

Woo, you now have Sudo access on your newly created user account.