So, you are here because you are interested in The Quest. The Quest is quite simply my goal to collect every black Optimus Prime or Convoy toy from the main Transformers line. What that means is I am not including shit like Botshots, Kreo etc.

Here is the list I have found of existing Blacktimus' so far:

Black Lio Convoy

Black Big Convoy

Scourge / Car Robots Black Convoy - Obtained!

Nucleon Quest (PM Prime)

Alternators Nemesis Prime - Obtained!

Classics Nemesis Prime

Arms Micron Nemesis Prime

Go! (Beast Hunters) Nemesis Prime - Obtained!

Tokyo toy show Dark Side Prime - Obtained!

Animated Prime

Armada Nemesis Prime

Sleep Convoy

Alternity Convoy

MP Black Convoy - Obtained!

G1 Convoy

Robot Masters Black Convoy - Obtained!

Robot Masters Black Lio Convoy

Robot Masters Black Beast Convoy

eHobby THS Black Convoy

Grand Scourge (Model kit) - Obtained!

Destruction Scourge

TFCC Scourge - Obtained!

Onyx Primal

Movie Prime (Amazon JP - ROTF)

Spychanger Scourge

THS Black Convoy - G2 version

Dark Guard Prime

DOTM Nightwatch Prime

EZ Darkside Prime